Vero in Vice News on officer use of force on non-violent offense enforcement

Policy Coordinator Verónica Bayetti Flores was featured in Vice News on behalf of Communities United for Police Reform on a story regarding footage of a skateboarder being tackled, choked, and pepper sprayed by an officer. She highlights officers’ routine use of force on the enforcement of non-violent offenses:

Police reform advocates said the video points to a larger trend.

“Just because chokeholds are banned doesn’t mean these things are not happening,” said Veronica Bayetti Flores, policy coordinator for Streetwise and Safe, and a member of the steering committee for Communities United for Police Reform. “It’s clear that use of force is not required in this situation, but it’s indicative of the general culture over at the NYPD, and how quickly officers resort to really forceful interactions for things that are routine, nonviolent, quality of life offenses.”

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