Brendan in The Guardian: A new law to save minors from survival sex will force them into state custody

Brendan Conner, SAS Staff Attorney, has a piece in The Guardian today highlighting Locked In, our newest report in partnership with The Urban Institute.

Frequent arrests for a variety of “quality-of-life” and misdemeanor crimes create instability and perpetuate youths’ need to engage in survival sex as a result of far-reaching collateral consequences. The arrest-based approach to these youths is part of an escalating sequence of cause and effect: instability in home and school, inability to pay fines and surcharges, active warrants, incarceration, disqualification from public benefits, deportation and consequences for future employment.

But each arrest represents more than just ink on a rap sheet. Throughout the process of arrest, booking and pre-arraignment detention, many youths reported violence and abuse by police, including verbal harassment; physical assault such as beating, choking and “rough rides”; sexual assault, including extortion of sex in exchange for release from custody, and rape; denial of help when reporting a crime; and destruction or theft of personal property. In addition to physical injury, youth also identified police violence as leading to psychological injury.

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