Andrea in the New York Times: Police Abuse of Trans New Yorkers

Andrea Ritchie, our Senior Policy Counsel, was quoted in a New York Times story on the NYPD’s abuse of transgender New Yorkers.

“The C.C.R.B. is only as effective as its reputation in the community allows it to be,” said Andrea Ritchie, a lawyer with the nonprofit group Streetwise and Safe. “People’s experience with the C.C.R.B. is that they don’t feel heard.”

Ms. Malik said the review board has “historically not had the best reputation” among transgender people, which she said explained in part why “underreporting is a chronic problem” in that community. “We are working to improve it,” Ms. Malik added.

Some transgender defendants have gotten redress by calling Ms. Ritchie. She said clients had phoned her from jail in anguish after being placed in cells for a different gender. Ms. Ritchie has then had to explain the new regulations to the officers in charge, often referring them to the exact page in their guides.

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